About us

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Who are we?

We are 89Diamonds, a company that was founded in 2021 but is backed up by many years of experience in the diamond industry. In an expanding world of retail outlets and jewelry stores, we offer diamonds that are great value for money and service that is second to none.

How do we do this?

Sourcing our diamonds directly from those that cut and polish the stones, we’re uniquely placed and cut out every intermediary possible. Next to that we try to keep overhead costs to a minimum to give as much as possible from this gained advantage back to our customers so we can offer you the world’s most luxurious stones at the best prices possible.

What does this mean?

Our business model ensures that you can guarantee the world’s most luxurious stone at prices that are up to 70% cheaper than the high street where the choices in diamonds are the same.

You’re in the right hands.

In order to secure our trustworthiness, all our diamonds that are listed on this website will be either sealed or laser engraved with the certificate number. This way you have 100% proof that this is the diamond that is mentioned on the certificate.

Visit us

As already mentioned above we try to minimize overhead costs. Therefore: if you prefer to deal with us personally, a visit to our office in Antwerp is only possible on appointment. We would love to see you there.


About us 89 Diamonds